Patient Care

The provision of patient-centered stationary, semi-residential and outpatient care to mentally ill people of all stages of life is part of the tasks of the Central Institute of Mental Health.

The four clinics of CIMH provide advanced treatment in their respective area of specialization based on international standards.


As center of modern psychiatry renowned worldwide, CIMH realizes outstanding scientific results in cooperation with national and international organizations – right in the heart of Mannheim, the square city.

CIMH performs research regarding the development, progression and treatment of mental illnesses – from depression, ADHS, addiction diseases to schizophrenia, dementia or phobias.


CIMH acts as university hospital in its fields for the Medical Faculty Mannheim of Heidelberg University. It provides teaching and research in the areas of psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and addiction research.

In addition, teaching is offered to students of statistics, bio sciences, jurisprudence, psychology and pharmacology.


The Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim was founded on April 8, 1975 as foundation of the state Baden-Württemberg together with Volkswagen Foundation. Its structure realizes a highly efficient model integration of patient-centered care, research and teaching.


As a psychiatric special hospital, the Central Institute of Mental Health offers diverse career options in patient-centered care.

As internationally renowned research institute and part of the Medical Faculty Mannheim of Heidelberg University, posts in research and teaching are available.

Sperrung Einfahrtsschranke wegen Kranaufstellung

Wegen einer Kranaufstellung am Mittwoch, 22.10.2014, zum Abtransport des Röntgengerätes aus dem UG Innenhof des Therapiegebäudes und der Verladung auf einen LKW, muss der Einfahrtsbereich zwischen Laborgebäude und Therapiegebäude zwischen 07:00 und ca. 09:00 Uhr gesperrt werden. Während der Sperrung bleibt die Ausfahrtschranke zwischen Labor- und Therapiegebäude für parkberechtigte Personen als Zufahrt zum tiefer gelegenen Parkplätzen permanent geöffnet. Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis!


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