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In-Patient Treatment

The tasks of the CIMH are among others the in-patient, partial in-patient and out-patient care of mentally ill persons of all ages in our four departments that offer a modern treatment based on the international level of research in their special fields.

We would like to inform you as substantial as possible about the entire structure of the CIMH and render you assistance how to manage in the Clinic:

Hospital-wide Informations

Hospital-wide Informations

Therapy Programs

Therapy Programs



Self-help-friendly hospital

Certificate Self-Help-Friendly Hospital

The Central Institute for Mental Health was the first psychiatric hospital in Baden-Württemberg to sign a cooperation agreement on implementation of the criterial for a Self-Help-Friendly Hospital (Community Psychiatry) with the Gesundheitstreffpunkt (Health Care Meeting Point) Mannheim. The Self-Help Officer of the CIMH is Dr. Jens Bullenkamp, Director of the Community Psychiatry Department. For more information see the overview (pdf-file).

Information on Patient Self-Help Flyer

Initiative „Unterstützung für Kinder psychisch erkrankter Eltern“

Flyer zur Initiative 

Here is an overview of the current scientific studies being carried out at the CIMH for which participants are being sought (sorry, only available in German):

Test subjects wanted!

Patient feedback management

To give us feedback please contact
Phone: +49 621 1703-8888
or per e-mail to
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