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Crises / Psychiatric Emergency

The CIMH provides 24-hour emergency medical services for persons experiencing acute crises or psychiatric emergencies. Emergency cases are generally referred by resident physicians, rescue services and police departments. Under special circumstances, patients may also refer themselves.

Our emergency medical service may primarily be utilized by the residents of Mannheim. Emergency treatment of patients from outside of Mannheim is generally provided by the regional psychiatric hospital responsible for their respective place of residence.

For questions concerning inpatient diagnostics and treatment, please contact our case-management.

Coordination of emergency services from 7:30AM until 15:45PM:

Emergency medical services, as well as scheduled inpatient admissions, are coordinated by our case-management team (Phone +49 (0) 621 1703-2150), together with the doctor on call.

Coordination of emergency services from 15:45PM until 7.30AM:

During this timeframe, emergency contacts are made through our reception desk (Phone +49 (0) 621 1703-0) in the foyer of the main hospital building in J5.

Our service to you:

  • 24-hour emergency medical service
  • Treatment quality and -safety
  • Ensuring close cooperation, effective communication and transparency between our emergency outpatient service, our specialty outpatient departments and inpatient treatment units.