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The social psychiatric service (SpDi) is a committee made up of the: 

The range of services offered by the SpDi Committee encompasses

  • Basic care as core service of the services provided
  • Sociotherapy
  • Assisted living for the mentally ill homeless
  • Accompanied living in families (BWF)
  • Mannheim's initiative of children of mentally ill parents
  • Assisted individual and pair living (BEUP)
  • Social psychiatric daycare center
  • Support of self-help initiatives

As part of basic care, the service is the central contact point and advisory center in the outpatient psychosocial care of chronically mentally ill persons and their family members in Mannheim.

The main objectives are to make a stay and living possibility outside inpatient facilities possible and to improve them, as well as to supplement specialized medical treatment through psychosocial counseling, supervision and companionship. To accomplish this, individual and family conversations are conducted, family members are given advice, and home visits are made. Other services include support in coping with everyday life, support in securing a livelihood and in overcoming illness, and referrals to other facilities and services, as well as to leisure time and contact offerings and self-help.

Sociotherapy is a medical insurance service subject to prescription and approval to prevent and shorten hospital treatments and promote the development of psychosocial abilities and skills.

Assisted living for the mentally ill homeless as integration aid aims to promote psychosocial abilities and skills and attain treatment willingness so they can lead independent living in the community, as much as possible in their own home.

Accompanied living in families is an integration measure with the objective of offering assistance for mentally ill adults who can no longer live on their own or only partially so, thereby raising their willingness to agree to live in a family. Highly individual assistance is possible in this way of life.

Mannheim’s initiative of children of mentally ill parents for preventing and supporting mentally ill parents and their children. Cooperation with child protection services and the child guidance office.

Outpatient-assisted individual and pair living as integration assistance measure that has the objective of self-determined living outside of a dormitory, psychosocial improvement and stabilization of resources for independent living in society.

Personal budget as integration aid for psychosocial assistance at the request of the person seeking assistance.

Social psychiatric daycare center is a place for mentally ill people in Mannheim who cannot work in a shop for handicapped people or in the general labor market but need a place where there is a self-determined daily routine.

The daycare center offers day programs in its two Mannheim locations: Mitte, J 3, 8, and Mannheim Süd, Sandrain 20.

If you would like to receive more detailed information, please call us to make an appointment to find out more or send us an e-mail.

Contact and information

Social Psychiatric Service (SpDi)
Head: Helene Aumüller

C 3, 16
68159 Mannheim

Phone: +49 6 21 39 74 90
Fax: +49 6 21 1 36 59
E-Mail kontakt(at)spdi-mannheim.de

Times you can reach us

Open consultation in
emergency situations:
Mon-Fr, 09:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Business hours and telephone times:
Mon-Fr, 09:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Mon-Thurs, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

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