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Professional groups

We are a large psychiatric-psychotherapeutic hospital and Germany's largest neuropsychiatric research center, renowned and networked worldwide. Our aim is to develop new and better therapies and to establish them in everyday treatment. To be successful, we need smart and committed people from very different professional fields who work together in multi-professional teams.


At the CIMH, physicians work together with psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers in multi-professional teams. Our aim is to offer scientifically based therapies and to develop them further in exchange with research.

Medical staff will find an exciting field of activity with a wide range of disorders and multimodal therapy options, including a wide variety of psychotherapeutic approaches. Due to the close link between patient care and research at the CIMH, physicians have the opportunity to actively participate in clinical and scientific studies. Those planning an academic career will find a broad range of topics at the CIMH and the opportunity for habilitation.

We promote the clinical and scientific careers of our staff through a wide range of continuing education and networking opportunities and participation in international congresses. We value passionate clinicians as well as ambitious clinician scientists.


Those who have studied psychology will find excellent conditions at the CIMH in clinical diagnostics, psychotherapeutic care and research – including the opportunity to do a doctorate and post-doctorate. We also offer postgraduate training to become a psychological psychotherapist and child and adolescent psychotherapist.

The close link between clinical practice and clinical psychotherapeutic research enables high quality and topicality in training and care. Psychological psychotherapists and child and adolescent psychotherapists are present in all therapeutic teams at the CIMH.

Nursing staff

Our nursing staff play a central role in the multi-professional teams. With an attentive and supportive attitude, they create the basis for sustainable therapeutic relationships. In the sense of reference care, they accompany the patients individually, promote their independence and assume responsibility within the framework of the various therapeutic approaches. At the CIMH, nurses play a decisive role in shaping new, innovative treatment concepts.

As practical instructors, our nursing staff pass on their knowledge and experience to trainees. At the same time, we promote their further professional development or their further development as managers with individual offers.

Meet some of our nerses.

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapy at the CIMH is consistently oriented towards the requirements of everyday life and the ability to work. Based on a structured functional analysis, our occupational therapists offer individual and group therapies according to the latest professional standards.

They support our patients in regaining their everyday competence and improving their social skills. They help them to achieve psychological stability and provide incentives for self-help. Due to the variety of therapies and the wide age range of our patients, occupational therapists at the CIMH have varied tasks and can achieve a lot.

Physiotherapists and sports therapists

Physical and sports therapies have positive effects on mental disorders, some of which are comparable to the effects of cognitive behavioural therapy or drug therapies. Regular exercise reduces anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and tension and improves cognitive abilities, mood and sleep.

Our physiotherapists and sports therapists help to regenerate physical, psychological and social functions with their offers of exercise, sports, body therapy and physiotherapy. They enable our patients to experience self-efficacy and motivate them to adopt health-oriented behaviour beyond their stay at the clinic.

Social pedagogues and educators

In the multi-professional teams of the child and adolescent psychiatry unit, social pedagogues and educators design pedagogical tasks and plans, take part in parent training and family discussions and offer experiential pedagogical activities. They are strongly involved professionally and make an important contribution to the positive development of our young patients with their varied activities.

Social workers

The social service staff are part of our multi-professional ward and track teams and at the same time integrated into a team of experienced professional colleagues. With empathy and expertise, they help our patients to find their way back into a regular everyday life, to master organisational challenges and to develop and test professional perspectives.

Due to the variety of life situations of our patients, committed social workers at the CIMH find an exciting and varied field of activity including targeted further training and supervision.


The CIMH is a European leader in neuropsychiatric and psychotherapeutic research. The research work at the CIMH ranges from basic research to clinical research to health care research. The professional qualifications and career paths of our research staff are equally diverse.

Our researchers work in a strong network and can use the infrastructure of the Center for Innovative Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic Research as well as other core facilities. Our colleagues in the Research Strategy and Research Support Department support our researchers with a wide range of networking opportunities and successful career development.


The CIMH is growing and developing dynamically. The highly qualified staff of the Administration Department are therefore constantly working on new solutions to enable innovations in research and patient care. Whether in finance, IT, personnel, construction and quality management, corporate development, communication or technology – the Administration team sees itself as a reliable and innovative service provider for our experts in the clinics and research departments.


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