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Aufgrund der Covid-19-Pandemie müssen viele Veranstaltungen am ZI derzeit entfallen. Informieren Sie sich bitte vorab, ob die Veranstaltung tatsächlich stattfindet.

Events for Specialized Staff & Interested Parties

In collaboration with Mannheim's Gesundheitstreffpunkt (health meeting place), contact persons from a number of self-help groups hold information sessions for patients, relatives and staff of the ZI, in the foyer of the Therapiegebäude (therapy building) from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. every last Wednesday of the month. 

Month Date 2019 Subject
März Mo, 25.03. Bipolare Erkrankungen und Angehörige
Kreuzbund (Suchterkrankungen)
April Fr, 26.04. Mannheimer Initiative für Psychiatrieerfahrene (MIPE),
Mai Mo, 27.05. Freundeskreis "Die Lotsen" (Suchterkrankungen)
Juni Mo, 24.06. Angehörige von Menschen mit Depressionen

Regular get-togethers of the Mannheim initiative for those who have experienced psychiatry

Every first and third Friday in the month from 6 p.m.

Tagesstätte (day care center) Mannheim in J 3, 8
– opposite the Zl Suchtzentrum (addiction center)

Contact: Ulrike - Tel.: +49 (0) 621 476726

Netzwerk AlternsfoRschung, Neue Universität Heidelberg am Universitätsplatz

(Vorträge und weitere Informationen / Videovorträge von NAR-Veranstaltungen only in German available)

Scientific Events at the ZI

This event takes place in J5 in the seminar room on the 4th floor of the Zl’s Laborgebäude (laboratory building – 4.20) from 10.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. every Monday.

Date Speaker Subject
11.03.2019 Anita Hansson will organize a presentation in preparation of the new TRR project
18.03.2019 Shoupeng Wei will give a progress report on his PhD-project
25.03.2019 Arian Hach will give an overview over his work
01.04.2019 Ross Folkard will give an overview over his work
08.04.2019 Marcus Meinhardt
Simone Pfarr
will give an overview over the pRAM-contruct and further alternatives for manipulation of neuronal ensembles

Scientific Conference of the Department of Child and Andolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Organizer: Dr. Sarah Hohmann
Phone: +49 (0) 621 1703-4522, e-mail

Secretariat: Phone: +49 (0) 621 1703-4522, Fax: +49 (0) 621 1703-4525
Sylke Rauscher e-mail / Andrea Morawetz e-mail

The event takes place in J 5 in the Zl’s Therapiegebäude (therapy building) in the lecture theater (HS2) on the 1st floor from 9.00 a.m. to 9.50 a.m. every Thursday.

Date Speaker Subject
09.05.2019 Dr. Sarah Hohmann Konzept des Adoleszentenzentrums 2
16.05.2019 Kirsten Giese Intelligenzentwicklung im Individuum und über Generationen
23.05.2019 Karl Gottfried Cariprazin - ein neues Antipsychotikum und der Einsatz in der Schizophrenie-Behandlung
30.05.2019   entfällt wegen Feiertag

The MLC brings together researchers in the field of machine learning and experimental scientists to discuss recent developments and a wide range of data analysis topics in the neuro- and behavioral sciences. It is a relatively informal mixture of journal club, methodological discussions, data analysis issues, tutorials, informal presentations, and invited talks. Everybody with an interest in machine learning or on how to best tackle current challenges in data analysis is welcome to join, but should also bring an interest in actively contributing to the MLC."

Time: Fridays, biweekly, 15.00-16.00

Location: Seminar room in ZI lab building

Organizers: Jerome Foo, Daniel Durstewitz

The event takes place in J4, 2A in the Zl’s Suchtzentrum (addiction center) (outpatient clinic), on the 4th floor, in the seminar room from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. every Wednesday and reported to the Landesärztekammer with 1 CME-Point.

Date   Speaker Subject
08.05.2019 Raumänderung:
K 3, 21, Room 449
Dr. Nina Bekier Kleine Drogenkunde
05.06.2019 Addiction Center, 4th Floor,
Maximilian Herbst Inflationäre Abstinenzzuversicht alkoholabhängiger Patienten

Scientific Institute Colloquium (WK) and Graduate College (GRK 2350)

Function Name Contact                         
Organization of the Scientific Institute Colloquiums
Head Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg Phone: 49 (0)621 1703-2001
Organization PD Dr. Melanie Fritz Phone: 49 (0)621 1703-1330
Organization Nicola Gerth Phone: +49 (0)621 1703-2004
Organization of the KFO 256 lecturers
Speaker Prof. Dr. Christian Schmahl Phone: +49 (0)621 1703-4021
Deputy Speaker Prof. Dr. Sabine C. Herpertz Phone: +49 (0)6221 56-4466
Head of the KFO Prof. Dr. Christian Schmahl Phone: +49 (0)621 1703-4021

Dear Scientifically-Active and Interested Employees,

On Tuesdays, the Scientific Institute Colloquium takes place at the ZI with nationally and internationally-renowned speakers; the colloquium focuses on the main research areas of the individual working groups. Generally on the first Tuesday of each month, the SFB 636 invites designated experts from the individual fields of research to the lecture. (There could be last-minute changes due to the individuals’ schedules). In general, those who have issued the invitations are primarily responsible for looking after their guest and are the points of contact should there be questions on the content.

In the Current Events (see below), you can find information at any time on free dates/times, the already scheduled speakers, their lecture titles and the contact person/people. All employees of the ClMH are warmly invited to attend these events!

The allocation of appointments for speakers should be agreed upon with the organizing team. You are always welcome to contact us with your own contributions or suggestions for external speakers. We would also like to appeal especially to our in-house junior scientists and invite you to report on your work. This can be done in twos or as a sole speaker, presenting topics or independent research in connection with pre-clinical and clinical subjects.

We look forward to new speakers with interesting lectures, an enthusiastic audience and new scientific discoveries!

Your Organizing Team, Dr. Melanie Fritz and Nicola Gerth

The events of the Scientific Institute Colloquium (WK) and the Graduate College 2350 "Influence of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Psychosocial and Somatic Conditions across the Lifespan" (GRK 2350) take place every Tuesday in J 5 at the CIMH’s Therapiegebäude (main medical building) in the lecture theater (HS1) on the 1st floor from 12 p.m.

please see the German version


The events of the Scientific Institute Colloquium (WK) and the Graduate College 2350 "Influence of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Psychosocial and Somatic Conditions across the Lifespan" (GRK 2350) take place every Tuesday in J 5 at the CIMH’s Therapiegebäude (main medical building) in the lecture theater (HS1) on the 1st floor from 12 p.m.

please see the German version

Medical Education for Physicians, Psychotherapeutics etc.

Further Training Seminar of the Department for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Childhood & Adolescence

The Department for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Childhood and Adolescence at the Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit (Central Institute of Mental Health) in Mannheim issues regular invitations to the training seminars for doctors, psychotherapists and members of allied professions.

The event will be certified by the State Medical Association of Baden-Württemberg with two points. These continuing education/further training credits are also recognized by other medical associations.

We have promised the State Medical Association that we will personally hand over participation certificates at the end of the event to those who have registered their interest on the participant list which will have been handed around. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to issue a copy thereafter or to forward one by post.

The events take place in J5 at the Zl’s Therapiegebäude (therapy building) in the large lecture theater (HS1) on the 1st floor on the announced dates from 4.15 p.m. to 6 p.m. 




08.05.2019 Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gründer, Leitung Abteilung für Molekulares Neuroimaging am Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit (ZI) Pharmakologische Frühintervention bei Prodromalsyndromen: Pro und Contra



Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Holtmann, Ärztlicher Direktor, LWL-Universitätsklinik Hamm der Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik Stimmung, Schlaf und die „innere Uhr“: Möglichkeiten der Lichttherapie im Kindes- und Jugendalter
10.07.2019 Prof. Dr. med. univ. Franz Resch, Ärztlicher Direktor der Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie des Zentrums für Psychosoziale Medizin am Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg Früherkennung von schizophrenen Psychosen der Adoleszenz

The department of psychiatry and psychotherapy for children and adolescents at the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim regularly invites doctors, psychotherapists and members of related professions to a training seminar.

Education & Further Training at the CIMH

The CPP Mannheim offers a Postgradual Program in Psychological Psychotherapy for adults and children and adolescents (Applications are posssible at any time, the courses start every year).

Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit (ZI) - https://www.zi-mannheim.de