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Corporate Development

The Corporate Development administrative unit advises and supports management in continuous strategic further development and the implementation of corporate strategy at CIMH and its subsidiaries. Corporate Development gathers, suggests, carries out and monitors strategic change projects to solve novel and complex problems that are frequently interdisciplinary and overlap sectors. The administrative unit reports directly to commercial management.

Martina Pfister
Phone: +49 621 1703-1041
Fax:    +49 621 1703-1045

Main areas of activities

  • Strategic cooperation with the responsible project management in the strategic and structural area aimed at expanding performance development, increasing the degree of connectivity and strengthening the competitive position
  • Generation of future-oriented creative ideas and solution approaches as well as providing support to management for the implementation of suitable measures
  • Establishment and supervision of new business fields
  • Implementation of new organizational forms
  • Optimization and organization of clinical processes, especially of interdisciplinary processes (process optimization)

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