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Commissioners for Equal Opportunities

The Commissioners for Equal Opportunities (BfC) and their representatives monitor - in accordance with the provisions of the Equal Opportunities Act of the State of Baden-Württemberg - the implementation of and compliance with equal opportunities while supporting the institute’s management in this implementation.

Angelika Lederer is contact person for non-academic personnel at the ZI (such as nursing personnel, management staff etc.) of ZI Service GmbH and the MVZ.

Responsible for academic staff are the equal opportunity commissioners of the Medical Faculty Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg.

Projects and topics of BfC

  • Child and profession: Summer camp, day-care and emergency care for employees' children

  • Nursing leave and family care leave

  • Training and qualification measures

  • Legal principles

  • Conflicts at work, harassment

  • Sexual harassmen

Detailed information on the content of the BfC for employees can be found in the intranet in the portal ZI on the pages of Human Resources.

Commissioner for equal opportunities for non-academic staff

Angelika Lederer e-mail

Phone: +49 (0) 621 1703-1047

Deputy commissioner for equal opportunities for non-academic staff

Maria Feuerhack-Conrad e-mail

Contact persons in the equal opportunity office for academic staff

Medical Faculty Mannheim
University of
Ludolf-Krehl-Str. 13-17
68167 Mannheim
Phone: +40 (0) 621 383-9782


Office hours

Office hours by telephone or e-mail appointment

Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit (ZI) - https://www.zi-mannheim.de