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Competence in Clinic und Research

As an internationally recognised center of modern psychiatry and neuroscience, in cooperation with national and international facilities the CIMH provides superlative services in the field of science. Renowned collaborative research objects, such as the Collaborative Research Center 636, the Bernstein Center Heidelberg-Mannheim and participation in the National Genome Research Network (NGFN) and numerous individual grants by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) have established the reputation of the Institute.

Professional groups

A dedicated team of physicians and psychologists work in a creative work environment. Our aim is to provide superlative treatment for our patients. A basis for this is the thorough clinical training of our medical and psychological staff.

We offer our medical staff an exciting job involving a broad spectrum of both disorders and multimodal therapeutic possibilities. Due to the close link between patient care and research at the CIMH, the clinic offers the option of participating in clinical and scientific studies.

At the CIMH, physicians that have scientific interest and plan an academic career will find a broad range of themes and an opportunity for postdoctoral qualification. The stated goal of the ZI is to effect excellent research. The promotion of the scientific careers of our employees - for example, by participating in international conferences and through advanced training opportunities - are an important building block.

For nursing personnel, patients and their personal concerns are the focal point of their professional activities. This dedicated and supportive attitude makes it possible for each patient and his family to establish a solid therapeutic relationship. Individual support is provided in the sense of primary nursing care. Promoting the health and, in particular, the independence of our patients, is highly important to us.

With their competences, our nursing personnel are integrated into the processes of nursing care. With a broad spectrum of well-defined tasks, they participate in treatment in a context of patient-centered, innovative and scientifically-based care.

Together with cooperation partners, psychiatrically relevant training in dual training forms (pediatric and residential nursing, social pedagogy) and practical training in the nursing professions (nursing/pediatric nursing/geriatric nursing) takes place with qualified practical instructors/mentor.

For the professional development of our employees, participation in adolescent psychiatry is possible. In addition, internal training courses are offered on current issues. Participation in external training is supported.

According to our multi-professional-oriented concepts, in our clinics, in addition to medical and nursing personnel, there are also psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social educators, social workers and educators are integrated into the treatment processes. The continuous development of specialised professionalism through focused continued and advanced training - internally and externally - has a high priority to us.

Contractual conditions and remuneration are oriented on the proven collective agreement TV-L, supplemented by attractive company old-age pension via the Pension Institution of the Federal and State Governments (VBL).

Research departments and working groups represent the academic sector at the CIMH. The equipment of our core facilities ranks amongst the most modern in Germany. Two magnetic resonance imaging tomographs (3 Tesla) and a 9.4 Tesla animal scanner, a laboratory building with animal stable, molecular genetic and biochemical laboratory were extended by a PET-MRT, a MEG and a VR laboratory and are available to researchers.

The management consider themselves internal service providers. In addition we offer commercial-economically, technically and IT-trained personnel - both with professional qualifications and diplomas - interesting and challenging employment opportunities. The dynamics of the ZI requires a willingness to constantly improve the professional expertise, which we support through the targeted promotion of advanced training activities.

Contractual conditions and remuneration are oriented on the proven collective agreement TV-L, supplemented by attractive company old-age pension via the Pension Institution of the Federal and State Governments (VBL).

MVZ Mannheim Mitte GmbH

A Medical Care Center (MCC) is a new form of outpatient group practice under medical supervision. Here patients with statutory and private insurance can be treated by physicians of various specialities.
Medical care centers are quite similar to large group practices, but with the offer of various specialist groups under one roof. The close collaboration with the Central Institute of Mental Health (CIMH) as our parent company and partnership with other specialists in private practice ensures medicine at a high level, good interdisciplinary and integrative cooperation, the need-based use of infrastructures of the CIMH and continuous, university-level training of employees of the MVZ.


ZI Service GmbH

ZI Service GmbH provides a wide range of services for facilities of health and social services in public ownership, particularly for the Central Institute of Mental Health. This includes such fields as catering, cleaning, logistics and other services such as household services.

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