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Launch Day


The information event for new employees at the ZI

  • Includes compulsory hygiene training at the beginning of the employment relationship
  • Provides basic information about the FI
  • Introduces you to relevant topics of the ZI
  • Gives tips for quick orientation in everyday life, and
  • Presents information paths in the ZI.
  • In the second part of the day, the hospital information system KIS is used for employees with service documentation tasks.


The participants know the history of the CIMH and have insights into the future development. Orientation in everyday life is facilitated and contact persons are familiar. The hospital information system can be used correctly with its functions.

Target Group

all new employees


Tina Trenne
Human Resources Development


Employees of the divisions involved

Date / Time

Every first Friday of the month. Unless it is the first day of the month or a holiday, the event will take place on the following Friday of the month.

8:30 a.m. until ca. 12:00 a.m. or 16:35 p.m. (incl. KIS-part)

  1. 02.03.2018
  2. 06.04.2018 - cancelled
  3. 04.05.2018  - cancelled
  4. 08.06.2018  - cancelled
  5. 06.07.2018  - cancelled
  6. 03.08.2018
  7. 07.09.2018
  8. 05.10.2018
  9. 02.11.2018
  10. 07.12.2018


Research and Administrative Building, 4th Floor, Room 406

This is a compulsory event (at the start of work).


The participants will be invited personally and will receive a binding appointment notification with their working documents at the beginning of their employment.

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