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 Psychotherapeutic treatment

Group Treatment for People with depressive disorders

Flyer (pdf)

Treatment for Young adults and young people

Flyer (pdf)

Treatment for children - based on behavioral therapy

Flyer (pdf)

Diagnostics in childhood and adolescence with a focus
school problems

Flyer (pdf)

Training Information
Training to become psychological psychotherapist

Adult psychotherapy

Adult psychotherapy Poster (pdf)
Adult psychotherapy Flyer (pdf)
Lecturers List (pdf)
Supervisors List (pdf)
Cooperation Facilitys List (pdf)

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Child ans Adolescent Psychotherapy -
Bahavioural Therapy

Flyer (pdf)
Cooperating facilities List (pdf)
Lecturers List (pdf)
Supervisors List (pdf)
Financing Options Costs (pdf)

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