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RG Psychology and Neurobiology of Sleep and Memory (Emmy Noether-Program)


Head of the Research Group

Dr. rer. nat. Gordon Feld

Phone: +49 621 1703-6540


Research and Administrative Building, 3rd Floor, Room 312


The group is investigating the processing of long-term memory during sleep. It is well known that memory traces are selectively strengthened during sleep. We focus on the processes that decide whether a specific content remains in long-term memory or is forgotten. We are especially interested in the role of reward anticipation, i.e., whether highly rewarded information is retained better than lowly rewarded information.

Building on this basic scientific question a core concern of the group is to investigate the effects of sleep-dependent memory processing on the development and maintenance of addiction. Since learning and reward processes play a central role for developing addiction behaviour, a better understanding or the effects of sleep for these determinants can improve prevention. Further, the manipulation of sleep through medication and/or on-invasive stimulation techniques offers a unique opportunity to influence addiction behavior positively. A long-term goal of the group is the development of sleep-related interventions to support conventional addiction therapy.


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