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RG Longitudinal and Intervention Research


Head of the Research Group

apl. Prof. Dr. Christine Kühner

Phone: +49 621 1703-6057


D 6, 5

Mailing address: J 5, 68159 Mannheim


The RGs research priorities include cognitive, neurobiological and psychosocial risk factors for the onset and course of mental disorders, particularly depression, experimental psychotherapy, and the development of psychodiagnostic tools. Research approaches include longitudinal surveys, experimental laboratory and intervention studies (e.g. DFG KU1464/1-1,3,4) and, in cooperation with other research groups at the CIMH, functional magnetic resonance imaging (SFB636 project D4, DFG KU1464/4-1,2). A current focus of the RG is on cognitive, emotional, and stress-related endocrinological processes during daily life, measured by Ambulatory Assessment (AA). Here, we investigate the potential of these micro-level phenotypes to predict the course of mental disorders and their possible role as mechanisms of change in psychotherapies (DFG KU1464/4-1,2) as well as stability and change of AA-based processes in depression and their determinants within the framework of a longitudinal measurement burst design (DFG KU1464/8-1). A further topic is the study of gender-related aspects in mental disorders including stress-related behavioural and endocrinological responses in women with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) during daily life (DFG KU1464/6-1,3). As a member of the NVL steering group, the head of the RG is involved in the initial publication and updates of the National Disease Management Unipolar Depression guideline with a focus on women’s health. 

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