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Details on projects of the RG Mental Health Services Research

Team RG Mental Health Services ResearchTeam RG Mental Health Services Research

Current Projects

Project: Development and coordination of health service research in Baden-Württemberg

As a regional coordination centre, the mental health services research group provides counseling services and coordinates services research studies of junior researchers from Baden-Württemberg. Additionally, original research projects in the area of mental health care and health economy are initiated, supported and promoted in the framework of this initiative. For further information about the project click here.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Salize, Dr. Christian Jacke

Project: Metropolitan Region – Space for health (INFOPAT)

In this umbrealla-project aiming at developing and evaluating IT-based health application tools and other improvements in the health care sector, the mental health services research group is responsible for the health economy evaluation of major application projects of the consortium. Health care cost and cost-effectiveness is analyzed e.g. alongside studies aiming at the empowerment of cancer patients or the drug and patient safety of diabetes mellitus II patients. For further information about the project click here.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Salize, Dr. Christian Jacke

Project: Care provision indicators in psychiatry and psychotherapy (VIPP)

The VIPP-project aims at identifying relevant indicators for the course and outcomes of psychiatric hospital care by analyzing a large dataset from §21 Hospital Remuneration Act (KHEntG). This research is done under the umbrella of DGPPN, BDK and ackpa, the stakeholders and societies representing the majority of hospital based psychiatrists in Germany. For further information about this project click here.

Project: Psychiatric-epidemiological center (PeZ)

The center aims at recruiting a large cohort of healthy individuals from the Rhine-Neckar-Region, which is supposed to be followed during regular cross-sectional assessments for stress related factors in their daily routines. The mental health services research group is responsible for the establishment and management of the PeZ cohort. For Further information about the project click here

Contact: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Salize, Andreas Hoell, Christina Andras, Alan Schary

Project: Subjective concepts of illness and personality traits in psychiatry

The project supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Franz (Vitos Kurhessen, Justus Liebig University Giessen), "Health disorders in Turkish migrants: specific forms of illness and courses of illness with special consideration of migration-specific stress", is concerned with therapy-relevant differences between patient groups with relevance for clinical-medical outcomes. The aim is to develop patient-centred care offers while taking health economic restrictions into account.

Contact: Dr. Christian Jacke, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Salize

Project: MHG Study (Mannheim – Heidelberg – Gießen)

The multicentre MHG study aims to come to terms with sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. Together with the Forensic Psychiatry Department at the ZI (Prof. Dr. Harald Dreßing), the Working Group on Health Services Research (AGV) is responsible for the collection of data and data management practices regarding cases of sexual abuse of minors by priests and other members of the Catholic Church, as well as the quantitative analysis of the personnel files of the dioceses, including the analysis of indications of cases of abuse contained therein.

Further information on this project can be found here.

Contact: Prof. Dr Hans-Joachim Salize, Dr Elke Voss, Andreas Hoell

Project: ESPRIT

In the nationwide multi-centre ESPRIT network (Enhancing Schizophrenia Prevention and Recovery through Innovative Treatments) led by the Central Institute, the health services research group is investigating the medical resource consumption and the associated costs of care of study subjects in three different ESPRIT studies in longitudinal analyses by recording the use of medical and psychiatric services and the use of psychiatric medication. In addition, the illness-related financial burden of the test persons' relatives and their quality of life are taken into account. The data will be used in further analyses to calculate the cost-effectiveness of the respective ESPRIT treatment and care measures.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Salize, Dr. Elke Voss


Building on successful pilot studies conducted by the working group in 2010-2014, employees of the employment services are trained to identify persons at risk of homelessness who are also suspected of having an untreated mental disorder. These at-risk persons are referred to the working group with the aim - if psychiatric illness is confirmed - of using motivational interviews to establish an understanding of the illness and to suggest that they receive treatment appropriate to the disorder. One of the aims is to prevent the further marginalisation of the test persons and their slide into homelessness. The effectiveness of the measure (indicated by treatment continuity, symptomatology, housing stability, etc.) is reviewed after 6 or 12 months.

 Contact: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Salize, Astrid Kickum, Sabine Rebscher

Completed projects (since 2012)

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