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Projects: Schizophrenia Research

Häfner H. DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft HA 1372/10-1: Partially controlled analysis of the long-term course of schizophrenia, including its four symptom dimensions, from onset to 12.3 years (mean) following first admission. 04/2010-05/2012.

The course of schizophrenia and its (depressive, manic, negative, psychotic) symptom dimensions have been assessed from onset to 12.3 years following first admission (=134 months; right censured). The disorder is at its most active at the prodromal stage and in the first psychotic episode, producing the greatest impact on social parameters. Assessed on the basis of means, the disorder and its symptom dimensions do not deteriorate in the long term. Completing the analyses interrupted in the previous period of funding we will calculate trajectories for the illness course and its symptom dimensions using statistical models. Adopting indicators produced by research into familial and social parameters and early illness course, prognosis of course and outcome will be tested and correlations between the indicators will be ascertained.

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