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Quirin Krabichler

About me:

I am interested in understanding how the brain regulates social behaviours and related affective states. My main focus in this respect is currently the role of oxytocinergic modulation of the midbrain periaqueductal gray (PAG), an important center of social and affective behaviours. The PAG contains groups of neurons expressing the oxytocin-receptor, and I am studying their connectivity using viral tools, as well as their behavioural functions using chemogenetic, optogenetic and in vivo Calcium-imaging methods during different behavioural paradigms. In addition, I am collaborating on various other projects on oxytocinergic and vasopressinergic brain circuits.

Quirin holds a PhD in comparative Neuroscience (summa cum laude) and an M.Sc. and a B.Sc. in Biology. He currently works as a postdoc in our team after being awarded with a Walter Benjamin Position by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


Opto-/Chemogenetics Stereotactic injections
Behavioral analysis Fiber Photometry

Selected publications

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