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The Oxytocin network

In all mammals Oxytocin is mainly produced in the paraventricular (PVN) and supraoptic nucleus (SON) of the Hypothalamus, a structure which accounts for less than 1% of the brain weight but is crucial to every individuals survival.

Oxytocin modulates different behaviors related to sociality, sexuality, fear, pain and others. Its effects are mediated via its action throughout the brain as a neuropeptide as well as throughout the periphery as a neurohormone.  

Our research is dedicated to uncover the circuits and effects of the Oxytocin network which originates in the Hypothalamus and reaches out to a broad variety of different brain regions containing the Oxytocinreceptor:

Lefevre et. al., 2021, Frontiers in Neural Circuits

Through the use of highly specific viral vectors we are able to specifically target and manipulate the oxytocin system and certain behavioral outputs. 

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