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Quality Assurance

The Management Committee of the CPP Mannheim is responsible for the quality of the content of the entire training. It decides on the selection of lecturers, contents of the theoretical curriculum, the design and offerings of the internship places for practical work, the concept of personal experience, the scientific evaluation of training, etc. As a college-level institute, we make a continuous effort to have a high quality level that takes not only scientific, didactic, clinical-practical, legal and organizational aspects, but also personal and interpersonal matters equally into account.

The structural quality of child and adolescent psychotherapy training at the CPP Mannheim is ensured first of all by legal guidelines of the PsychThG and KJPsychTh-APrV, which give training participants the security that they will get sufficient preparation for the examinations to obtain the license to practice. At the CPP Mannheim, internal studies and outpatient clinic regulations make it possible for training to take place in all areas at a high level. This quality standard also applies to the selection and guidelines of cooperating facilities (hospitals, partial outpatient clinics), lecturers, supervisors and personal experience directors, as well as to internal organizations and resources of the CPP Mannheim.

The quality of the course of the training is continuously verified through systematic evaluations. This applies to each course of theoretical training and personal experience, and especially to practical training under which training therapies take place. Each therapy is evaluated continuously through systematic basic documentation and psychometric tests; differentiated feedback systems to therapists and supervisors, who additionally exchange their experiences in regular outpatient clinic meetings and supervisor conferences, and contribute to the ongoing quality assurance of training therapies.

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