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Intermediate Examination

An intermediate examination takes place after the first part of training. This can occur after one year of training at the earliest. The requirement is proof of having successfully completed one-half of the training hours. In the intermediate examination the training candidates’ theoretical knowledge is tested by discussing case documentation drawn up by the candidates during their practical work. Individual feedback of the candidates’ current training progress will be given. Success in the intermediate examination is required in order to treat patients during practical training (under supervision).

Final State Examination

The Stuttgart Governing Council is in charge of admission to the final state examination after the candidates have presented the required proof of corresponding prerequisites. This includes global certification by the CPP Mannheim for successful completion of all training components.

The examination has a graded, written, and oral part. The written examination is taken at the headquarters of the supervisory authority in charge (for the CPP Mannheim it is the Stuttgart Governing Council).

The oral examination, consisting of an individual and a subsequent group examination, takes place in the premises of the CPP Mannheim a few weeks after the written one. Procedure and conditions are regulated by §§ 7 to 18 of KJPsychTh-APrV.

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