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Complex Systems in Psychiatry


Arzt, Postdoc

Dr. Urs Braun

Phone: +49 621 1703-6519


Research and Administrative Building
4th, floor, room 427


The research group „Complex Systems in Psychiatry“ aims to improve the knowledge and treatment of mental disorders. Guided by our perspective that human behavior, the brain, and psychiatric disease can be best understood as complex, interacting multilevel networked systems, we apply novel methods derived from complex system theory and network neuroscience to tackle scientific questions at the intersection of psychiatry, neurobiology and social science. We use and develop tools including multimodal neuroimaging, ambulatory assessment, genetics and psychopharmacology.

Our current interest are:

  • functional and structural brain networks and their perturbation in mental disorders
  • dynamic network models of cognition in health and schizophrenia 
  • neuromodulatory transmitter systems (especially dopamine) and their influence on cognitive processes
  • network embedded analyses of psychopathological symptoms and emotions
  • meta-scientific analysis of psychiatric research collaborations, publications and (historical) development of psychiatric ideas and topics


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