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Medical Assistant

Job Description

In our central outpatient clinic, we attach particular importance to the care and advice of our patients. Our medical assistants support our doctors in their overall care, carry out administrative tasks and manage the use of resources. The special feature of our central outpatient clinic is the wide range of treatment offered in the entire psychiatric-psychotherapeutic area, with care for all age groups and the use in many different areas. We diagnose, advise and treat autism, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, dementia, depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychological disorders during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Your tasks at a glance

  • to assist patients in making contact, registering, servicing, examinations and treatment
  • Inform patients about treatment procedures
  • Manage appointments
  • Record patient data
  • exhibit prescriptions and ordinances
  • administer drugs and injections
  • provide documents, materials
  • blood draw
  • Write medical reports
  • Create payroll runs

Duration of Training

3 years, dual vocational training


Collective agreement on training remuneration (TVA-L-BBiG)

School Requirements

A secondary school leaving certificate or a level of education recognised as equivalent

Training Contents

Training as a medical assistant takes place on a dual basis and lasts three years. The vocational school lessons take place on certain weekdays at the vocational school in Mannheim. There the trainees are taught all the theoretical basics they need for their job as a medical assistant - from hygienic standards in treatment to the correct application of first aid measures in the event of a trap. Trainees spend the remaining time in the training company, where they can put what they have learnt in theory into practice.
In the vocational school, medical assistants acquire theoretical knowledge on various medical topics. The contents of the vocational school lessons include medical terminology, confidentiality, data protection, environmental protection, occupational legal regulations, occupational health and safety and procurement of goods.


Dr. Oliver Hennig, Senior Physician | Head of Ambulance Organization
Phone: +49 (0)621 1703-2356
e-mail: oliver.hennig(at)zi-mannheim.de

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