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After the first part of training, the Institute's own intermediate examination takes place. At the end of training, the state final examination is taken at the headquarters of the Governing Council in Stuttgart.

Intermediate examination

An intermediate examination takes place after the first part of training so participants can treat patents themselves in the second part of their studies (under supervision) as part of practical training at the Psychological Psychotherapy Center (i.e. training therapies are conducted in the outpatient clinics of the CPP Mannheim). A case documentation drawn up by the training candidate during his/her practical work is discussed in the intermediate examination.

The intermediate examination takes place as a group examination in which each candidate has half an hour for presenting a case. The intermediate colloquium is conducted by two management members of the CPP Mannheim licensed to practice.

Examination dates are offered by arrangement. The requirement is proof of having successfully completed one-half of theoretical training (about 300 hours) and one-half of practical work (about 900 of 1 800 hours). This can occur after one year of training at the earliest, as long as all theoretical courses were attended and practical work was started in due time.

Final state examination

The examination to grant the license to practice is given by the state and is held consistently twice a year under the supervision of the respective state authority.

The examination has a graded written and oral part. If not passed, both parts can be retaken twice. After training is completed and the examinations are passed, the Stuttgart Governing Council hands over the license to practice on request.

The written part of the examination covers the basic knowledge in the scientifically recognized psychotherapeutic process listed in Part A of Enclosure 1 dealing with training and examination regulations. To pass it, the examinee must answer the written questions. The written examination, which lasts 120 minutes, is taken at the headquarters of the supervisory authority in charge (for the CPP Mannheim it is the Stuttgart Governing Council).
The written examination is offered twice a year, in March and August.

The oral examination is performed by a four-member, officially appointed examination commission. The subject of the oral examination is the psychotherapeutic process that is the emphasis of training (behavioral therapy). Two detailed case documentation, to be discussed in a half-hour individual examination, must be submitted for the oral examination. In the subsequent oral group examination, more profound questions about the major subject of behavioral therapy are asked.
The oral examination takes place in the premises of the CPP Mannheim a few weeks later after the written one.

Detailed information about the final examinations (subject catalogues, sample questions. etc.) and for the license is found on the pages of the Baden-Württemberg Regional Governing Council and the Institute for Medical and Pharmaceutical Examination Issues (IMPP).

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