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The Scientific Library serves the areas of research, teaching, training and continued training and is available to all employees of the Institute, members of the scientific services and students of the Universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim as well as registered doctors and psychotherapists in the region.

A stock of 43,000 books and some 100 continuously-related professional journals is maintained.

The Scientific Library is housed on the ground floor of the research and administrative building. It has well-equipped computer workstations with internet access and a reading corner.


Catalogues and databases of the CIMH-library/the CIMH

Online catalogue

Electronic Journals Library

Test catalog


  • Pschyrembel Klinisches Wörterbuch
  • Pschyrembel Pflege 
  • Pschyrembel Therapie 
  • Pschyrembel Psychiatrie, Klinische Psychologie, Psychotherapie 
  • Pschyrembel Naturheilkunde 
  • Pschyrembel Sozialmedizin 
  • Hunnius Pharmazeutisches Wörterbuch

Publications of ZI-employees
(from 2006)

ZI Publications in Endnote

from 2006; access only within the CIMH research network:



PubMed access to the library of the Medical Faculty Mannheim
(Full-text access for authorized users only)

Pubmed Clinical Queries
Here, a Pubmed search be conducted for clinical studies.

E-Journals on the website of UB Heidelberg
Access to e-journals only to faculty member of the University of Heidelberg including the Faculty of Medicine Mannheim.

Web of Science
(access only for authorized persons via UB Heidelberg)

CCMed - Current Contents Medizin
The database of German and German-language contains articles from the fields of medicine and healthcare in Germany and German-speaking journals that are under-represented in MEDLINE and EMBASE. Some 600 journals are assessd.

This medical information portal allows simultaneous search in MEDLINE and other specialist an publisher databases. It is possible to set up a literary agent for a given query, by which one is regularly kept informed of relevant new entries in the database by e-mail.

ROAR - Registry of Open Access Repositories

DOAR - Directory of Open Access Repositories

SWB Online-catalogue
(Here the files of the CIMH Library are presented.)

Karlsruher Virtual Catalogue KVK

Journal database ZDB


Literature that is not in the CIMH library can be ordered.
There are various possibilities:

Direct order from the Mannheim University or the Medical Library

  • Duration: Immediate delivery
  • Cost: free

Interlibrary loan

  • Duration: about 2 – 3 weeks
  • Cost: free


  • Duration: Delivery no later than the next day
  • Cost: about € 8 per order

Please contact us with your order request informally by e-mail at the library.

Dates for introduction to using the library can be agreed individually; please contact the library.

In addition, dates for introduction to database research (Pubmed, PsycInfo, Web of Science) can also be agreed upon.

For participants in the training courses for the nursing staff, an introduction to the library often takes place at the beginning of the courses.

Opening times

Monday until Thursday
10:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00 h

Friday, 10:00-12:00 h


Isabell Stein, Dipl.-Bibl.
Phone: + 49 (0)621 1703-1341

Rebecca Goldmann, B.A.
Tel.: 0621 1703-1341


Priv.-Doz. Dr. Melanie Fritz

Office of Research Strategy and Research Support

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