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Financing options

The following financial assistance options during training are available:

BAföG (Federal Educational Support Law)

In principle, financial assistance for psychological psychotherapy training is possible, but the following specific characteristics must be heeded: 

According to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the local responsibility for training that falls under the Training and Examination Regulation for Psychological Psychotherapists according to the general student assistance regulations (Section 45 Paragraph 1 of the BAföG). This means that the offices for financial assistance for training in the county councils or urban centers in whose district the trainee's parents live training are responsible. In exceptional cases, the office for financial assistance for training in question in whose district the trainee resides permanently.

Generally, financial assistance for training according to the BAföG can only be given if:

  • Carried out fill time
  • The trainee is less than 30 years old when his/her training stage starts
  • Only one or no training capable of receiving financial assistance according to the BAföG was completed in a professional qualified way (more than one training capable of receiving financial assistance and completed in a professional qualified way can be reason for exclusion). According to Section 7 Paragraph 2 of the BaföG, financial assistance can only be approved if it is the "only advanced training".

If training financial assistance is approved, it is given in form of an interest-bearing bank loan.

Part-time job

By choosing the five-year on-the-job training, there is always the possibility of securing a regular income from a part-time job. In this regard, there are numerous coordination options, e.g. to complete the clinical year over a longer period of time in part-time, etc.

Trainee remuneration from therapeutic revenues

The remuneration for the therapies conducted as part of practical training is based on an authorization agreement with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians pursuant to the current agreements concluded with the statutory health insurance funds. A portion of this income can be paid out to the therapists in training as trainee remuneration.

The current amount of this fee is 47 euros per completed therapy session. For a total number of 600 completed therapy sessions this means a maximum income of 28 200 euros. More income can be earned through additionally completed therapy hours.

Education loan program of the German federal government

Another financial assistance option is offered by the education loan of the German Federal Administrative Office.

Advanced training loans

In the meantime, many banks and savings banks have started to offer training financing loans. Please go to a bank near you to inquire about details.

The German Pharmacists' and Physicians' Bank, for example, offers an advanced training loan. Inquire about the current conditions of such an advanced training loan at the:

German Pharmacists' and Physicians' Bank
Mannheim branch office
Jakob-Bensheimer-Str. 22
68167 Mannheim

Phone: +49 621 33 06 0
Fax: +49 621 33 06 223


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