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Training in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

The CPP Mannheim is a state-approved training institute for psychological psychotherapy. Additionally, child and adolescent psychotherapy training courses with emphasis on behavioral therapy are accredited.

Our new Training course for child and adolescent psychotherapy with a Focus on behavioral therapy (VT) starts ever year in February. Applications are possible at any time.

The following pages have detailed information about the profession of child and adolescent psychotherapy as well as about our intended training.

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Training in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

The profession of licensed child and adolescent psychotherapy has been established since the commencement of the Psychotherapist Act (PsychThG) in 1999. Graduate psychologists and pedagogues can follow this career. After the training of either three or five years, one can take the state examination in order to obtain the license for practicing child and adolescent psychotherapy with emphasis on behavioral therapy.

With this license psychotherapists can treat patients up to the age of 21 years. This extensive age range requires compatible therapeutic strategies. While kindergarten children profit from playful and creative elements, therapeutic working with adolescents is more similar to working with adults. Every developmental stage is characterized by specific challenges. Thus, working with adolescents for example can be exciting regarding the development of autonomy because of significant changes in their lives.

These variations in age and development result in great versatility in therapeutic working!

Child and adolescent psychotherapists usually do not work all alone. Children and adolescents are embedded in social networks (e.g. family, kindergarten, school), which have a great impact on our patients. Thus, therapeutic actions need to be coordinated with reference persons such as parents, educators, or teachers. In general, the younger our patients are, the more intensive the integration of reference persons in treatment should be. These systemic aspects make the professional activity of a child and adolescent psychotherapist even more challenging.

Career opportunities of child and adolescent psychotherapists are excellent.

The situation of psychotherapeutic coverage for children and adolescents in Germany is still far from sufficient, even in popular regions that are considered as oversupplied in psychotherapy.

There is a variety of attractive career options as a child and adolescent psychotherapist.

Self-Employed, Freelance Work as Registered Child and Adolescent Psychologist with Reference to the Statutory Health Insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenkassenversorgung, GKV)

Licensed child and adolescent psychologists can apply for a registered practice where treatment of patients is paid for by Statutory Health Insurances for patients up to 21 years. The demand is quite high resulting in long waiting lists. Some registered practices are available. However, the age structure of current registered colleagues indicates more available practices in short time.

Self-Employed, Freelance Work in a Private Practice:

Licensed child and adolescent psychologists can also open a private practice. There are no restrictions in these regards. You make out an invoice directly to patients or their parents. Their costs may be partly or completely refunded by private insurances, if they work in public service or by a so called “financial aid” (Beihilfe). There are various reasons why patients sometimes even would like to be treated at their own expense.

Work in Employment:

There are numerous possible employers: Clinics, outreach clinics, various care facilities, sociopaediatric centres, child psychiatric and psychotherapeutic practices and medical-care centres. Work may be different from setting to setting. Usually, diagnostic, counselling, and therapeutic competences are demanded. Additional forms of care and fields of activity may be established in our health system in the near future.

  • Because of specific characteristics of child and adolescent psychotherapy, it is necessary to specialize early with reference to this age group. Thus, required and extensive knowledge can be acquired early in our training in child and adolescent psychotherapy.
  • At our institute you can receive the license of a child and adolescent psychotherapist in “Behavioral Therapy”. Behavioral therapy is the type of therapy which is renowned as first choice in national and international directives of treatment of children and adolescents in most of psychological disorders known. There is also no other type of therapy in which research and development are as advanced as in behavioral therapy, especially considering psychological disorders of children and adolescents.
  • CPP Mannheim has been a core facility at the Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology Institute under the sponsorship of the Central Institute for Mental Health (CIMH). Development and implementation of the theoretical and outpatient program take place in cooperation with the Otto Selz Institute of the University of Mannheim.
  • The close connection of clinic practice and the latest scientific knowledge guarantees a high quality of training in child and adolescent psychology. The Central Institute for Mental Health (CIMH) and its clinic of psychiatry and psychotherapy for children and adolescents belong to the most prestigious research facilities in Europe.
  • Innovative therapy concepts such as the centre of adolescents and the tracking system are currently established at the Central Institute for Mental Health (CIMH).
  • The CPP Mannheim offers an ideal environment for training candidates who would like to combine a licence in child and adolescent psychotherapy with a dissertation or those who aim at clinic-therapeutical training from a single source.

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Postgraduate training to obtain the license to practice as psychological psychotherapist in child and adolescent psychotherapy with emphasis on behavioral therapy

Next start of training:

Training Course 2022 (start Febr 2022)

Fully booked

It is possible to apply at any time, but early applications are preferred!
Candidates are continuously selected from the applications received based on the qualifications proven by their documentation and invited to Mannheim for a selection interview.

Send your application or questions to:
PD Dr. Anne Dyer, Dipl.-Psych. (psychologist)
Central Institute of Mental Health
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