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Department Head (comm.), Head Neuroimaging and Core Facility CIPP

apl. Prof. Dr. Gabriele Ende

Phone: +49 621 1703-2971


Main Medical Building, Basement, Room 01.126


Secretariat Neuroimaging and Core Facility CIPP
Astrid Wolf
Phone: + 49 621 1703- 2972
Main Medical Building, Basement, Room 01.116



Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an important and potentially powerful research tool for the development of effective treatment options for psychiatric disorders.  With dedicated MRI techniques the characteristics of neuronal activity and connectivity (fMRI), biochemistry (MRS), brain structure (vbm, dartel) and microstructure (DWI/DTI) can be investigated in a non-invasive, safe and repeatable manner.

The aim of the division Neuroimaging is to support the three research priorities at the CIMH  by own and cooperative research projects and methodological development for all MR techniques.  Ultimately the goal is to establish innovative imaging protocols into the daily psychiatric clinical routine. The neuroimaging projects to date are performed on two 3 T Siemens TIM Trio scanners dedicated to research projects and equipped with 32  channels. One scanner is additionally equipped with the multinuclear spectroscopy option and a second RF channel. Furthermore, we developed and implemented additional hardware to perform simultaneous measurements at both scanners for hyperscanning experiments. Live video streams of the participant’s faces and their button responses can be exchanged between the scanner sites, to allow for communication of the subjects.

With the availability of a high field 9.4T Bruker BioSpec animal scanner the Neuroimaging researchers are perfectly equipped to aid the endeavor to resolve the bottleneck for translational research in psychiatry (link AG TI)

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