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Information and application

Training at the CPP Mannheim starts every year in the fall. It is possible to start applying now. Selection interviews take place continuously. There are 20 places for studying available per year. Places will be allocated successively to suitable candidates. You can already start with the practical activity earlier if you wish, but only 6 months before the beginning of the theoretical training earliest.

Admission requirement

The application requirement is the diploma or completed Master's degree in Psychology, but the subject of Clinical Psychology must have been the major and examination subject. You can send your application to us in the months before your impending diploma or Master's degree. However, please note that you can start with training only after you have obtained your psychology degree. Persons who work in science and pursue a further scientific qualification (PhD) are especially considered.

Selection process

The applications received are evaluated according to a point system that takes the grade received in the diploma or Master's degree, previous clinical-practical experience (internships, professional activities) and/or scientific experience. Subsequent personal selection interviews determine the suitability of applicants.

Application documentation

  • Written application with personal substantiation of your interest to become a psychotherapist

  • Resume in tabular form with photo

  • Proof of completed college major in psychology that includes the subject of clinical psychology (copy of the diploma or master's certificate)

  • Relevant employer's references

  • Proof of having worked at least six weeks as psychologist or trainee in psychology

  • Proof of having had psychological/psychotherapeutic training

  • Proof of started or completed dissertation, indicating the name of the supervisor, doctorate-entitling faculty and a two-page exposé of the dissertation

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Adress for registration

Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit (ZI)
Maja Erkic, Dipl.-Psych. (psychologist)
ZPP Mannheim
Lange Rötterstraße 11-17
68167 Mannheim

Phone: +49 621 1703-6167


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