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RG Neuroenhancement


B.Sc., Arzt

Dr. med. Patrick Bach



The research group was established in September 2012 and focuses on investigating neurobiological pathways of cognitive enhancement and facilitation of learning and memory. It aims at the development of new therapeutic approaches for psychiatric disorders with a particular emphasis on substance use disorders, behavioural addictions, anxiety disorders and depression. In addition, the group cooperates closely the department of psychopharmacology in the development of translational clinical trials and was involved in the concept of the Center for Innovative Research in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Convergent pre-clinical and clinical trials have been conducted on the memory-facilitating effects of d-cycloserine as well as on pharmacological attenuation of re-consolidation. Moreover, in addition to the development of innovative pharmacological interventions, effects of psychotherapy on the extinction of learned preference for drugs or natural rewards like food are under evaluation. Since the modulation of functional brain structure evoked by drug or non-drug interventions is a key element of our work, neuroplasticity will be explored not only in a project within the SFB 636, but also in projects within the NGFN Plus (SP13) focusing on the glutamatergic system. Four medical doctors, two psychologists, one mathematician as well as five MD and PhD students currently form the research group. 

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