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Training at the CPP Mannheim

Training to become psychological psychotherapist

To obtain the license to practice as psychological psychotherapist, proof of having completed at least 4200 hours in the following training components must be submitted according to Section 1 Paragraph 3 of the PsychTh-APrV.

Training componentContents/ ObjectiveMinimum no. of hours
Theoretical trainingExercises and courses to impart the basic and specialized knowledge of psychotherapy  600
Personal experienceReflection or modification of personal requirements for doing and experiencing therapy  120
Practical work I
("psychiatric year")
At least one year of practical work in an approved clinical psychiatric facility, including participation in the treatment of at least 30 patients, to be proven by brief documentation1 200
Practical work II
("6 months of psychosomatics")
At least six months of practical work in an approved psychotherapeutic care facility  600
Practical training
Acquisition and deepening of knowledge and practical expertise in the treatment of patients with clinically significant disorders; at least 6 supervised patient treatments  600
SupervisionGuidance and discussion of case treatment issues, of which at least 50 hours must be conducted as individual supervision  150
Elective offering
("suppemenary studies")
Organization of the number of hours not defined by legal regulations  930

All components listed are offered by our advanced training courses in cooperation with various clinical facilities in Baden-Württemberg nd Rhineland Palatinate.

CPP postgraduale training Flyer - see the German version Infomaterial

Postgraduate training to obtain the license to practice as psychological psychotherapist with emphasis on behavioral therapy

Next start of training:

Training Course 2021 (start Oct 2021) fully booked

Training Course 2022 (start Oct 2022)
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It is possible to apply at any time, but early applications are preferred!
Candidates are continuously selected from the applications received based on the qualifications proven by their documentation and invited to Mannheim for a selection interview.

Send your application or questions to:
Lydia Azem, M. Sc. Psych.
CPP Mannheim
(Entrance: Corner Melchior-Street, patio Felina complex)
Lange Rötterstraße 11-17
68167 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 1703-6167
e-mail  maja.erkic(at)zi-Mannheim.de

Information event

The next online information event will take place on:

10.11.2021 from 15.00 - 18.00

For organisational reasons, prior registration is mandatory for participation in the online information event. Please register by e-mail to zpp-kjp(at)zi-mannheim.de. 

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