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Applied Health and Nursing Sciences

Job Description

Our offer is aimed at dual students of applied health and nursing sciences in their final year of study with an elective focus on psychiatry. The course of study makes you an expert for individual, modern nursing care. The new academic training therefore provides you with a mixture of experiential knowledge and the latest scientific findings. At the ZI, you can deepen your elective specialization through experience and specification in psychiatric-psychosomatic care. With this knowledge, you will be in great demand on the constantly growing job market. Because in the health care system, qualified specialists who take on management and research tasks in nursing are in great demand!

The practical part in the third year of study usually includes work in the following departments:

  • Quality/Risk Management
  • Quality Management working group: nursing planning/documentation
  • Quality Unit of the Directorate of Nursing
  • Psychiatric nursing research
  • Psychiatric ward

Duration of Studies

A total of three years of dual studies, but only the last year can be completed at the ZI Mannheim


Collective agreement on training remuneration (TVA-L-BBiG)

School Requirements

Trainees with university admission, from the third academic year

Course Contents

With us you will gain insight into the work of management as well as into the practical area of ward nursing management.

In the first practical phase you will be assigned to the administrative departments. In the Quality Department of the Nursing Directorate, theoretical knowledge is combined with everyday nursing care. As a model facility for the implementation of expert standards, the ZI offers interesting insights here.        

The second and last practical phase before the bachelor's degree is devoted to work in the elective area of psychiatry. As part of a nursing team, you will be able to apply insights from the first section to clinical practice. The internal advanced training courses of our ZI Academy also provide the opportunity to deepen basic academic knowledge on disease patterns and medication, but also to get to know the Central Institute of Mental Health's own concepts.

The study of Applied Health and Nursing Sciences thus offers you a scientifically sound and practice-oriented qualification. Graduates are valued as trained nurses and Bachelor of Science in clinic and research. They can actively implement nursing research results as ward managers or participate in research themselves. They can also work in health promotion, prevention and patient counselling.

Partner University

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Mannheim, Faculty of Health

Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit (ZI) - https://www.zi-mannheim.de