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Office of Research Strategy and Research Support

The Office of Research Strategy and Research Support has three large blocks of tasks, all of which are closely related and complement one

  • Strategy and Performance
  • Research grants, and
  • communication


Priv.-Doz. Dr. Melanie Fritz
Phone: +49 621 1703-1330
Fax:    +49 621 1703-2005


Dr.-Ing. Lena Josch
Phone: +49 621 1703-1324
Fax:    +49 621 1703-2005

In the area of strategy and performance, amongst other things the two performance indicators that are significant to the CIMH - impact factors for publication output and external funding - are assessed and prepared. With the scientific advice of the CIMH, the department manages professionally important strategic areas of the CIMH and realises the process of registration of possible patents and develops and organises the mentor programme for the promotion of young scientists.

In the area of research funding, promotion programmes and current tenders, for example at the EU or the BMBF, are researched and communicated within the CIMH. In addition, scientists are supported in the development of research applications on the basis of years of experience in the acquisition of external funding. The process of the Internal Grant Review allows scientists to have their draft applications pre-assessed by colleagues at the CIMH before submitting them, so as to increase the likelihood of approval. The support of ongoing collaborative projects is also part of the range of tasks of the department, such as for example supporting regular reports in terms of content.

The tasks of research communication include the organisational support of the annual retreats of the CIMH, group leader meetings, symposia and the weekly colloquium.

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