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Office of Research Strategy and Research Support

The office for Research Strategy and Research support has seven areas of responsibility, all of which are closely related and complementary:

  • Research Support
  • Young Researchers Personal & Professional Development
  • Research Communication
  • Trials Quality Assurance
  • Transfer of Knowledge and Technology
  • Scientific Library
  • Strategy and Performance


Priv.-Doz. Dr. Melanie Fritz
Phone: +49 621 1703-1330
Fax:    +49 621 1703-2005

Deputy Head

Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Engelhardt

Phone: 0621 1703-1324
Fax: 0621 1703-2005

Quality assurance clinical studies

Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Engelhardt

Phone: 0621 1703-1324
Fax: 0621 1703-2005

In the area of research supoort, funding programmes and current calls for proposals, e.g. from the EU or BMBF, are researched and communicated within the ZI. Additionally, scientists are supported in the development of research proposals based on many years of experience in the acquisition of third-party funds. The Internal Grant Review process allows scientists to have their draft proposal reviewed by colleagues at the ZI before submitting it to increase the chances of approval. Supervision of ongoing collaborative projects is also part of the office’s range of tasks, such as supporting the regular reports in terms of content.

In the field of young researchers personal and professional development, the unit puts together course and mentoring programmes, organises workshops and advises young researchers in order to provide them with the best possible support in their professional development, whether in science or for a position outside science.

In the area of research communication the office is responsible for the organisational support of the annual retreat of the ZI, the meetings of the research group leaders, symposia and the weekly scientific colloquium.

As part of the quality assurance of clinical trials, the office advises scientists on the planning and implementation of their human research projects provides SOPs and supports them in the preparation of trial relevant documents.

In addition to the administrative processing of invention disclosures, the department aims to exploit potential for all types of knowledge and technology transfer at the ZI, such as publications for the public, medical guidelines or activities in scientific societies.

In addition to the regular library services such as interlibrary loan or e-paper, the scientific library documents all ZI publications for the ZI homepage, for research performance evaluation and for the internal endnote database.

In the area of strategy and performance, the two most important performance indicators for the ZI - impact factor for publication performance and third-party funding - are evaluated and processed. With the Scientific Advisory Board of the ZI as well as professorial appointments, the unit supervises important strategic areas of the ZI,  additionally it accompanies and supports the process of preparing the plan of structure and development (SEPL) every five years, especially in organisational matters.


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