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RG Integrative Neuroscience of Addictive Behaviors (INA)


Prof. Dr. Bernd Lenz

Phone: +49 621 1703-3522


Heike Grün, e-mail   
Phone: +49 621 1703-3503
Fax: +49 6211703-3505


The RG Integrative Neuroscience of Addictive Behaviors investigates the role of biological mechanisms, neurodevelopmental factors over the lifespan, and clinical aspects in the pathogenesis of addictive behaviors. We use this knowledge to develop novel preventive and therapeutic strategies. The use of legal and illegal drugs results in diverse psychopathological phenomena, including psychotic and affective states. Thus, our experimental research involving these drugs also serves the purpose to inform about mechanisms underlying mental health and mental illnesses in general. The RG conducts in-depth mechanistic studies, large-scale longitudinal cohort studies, and clinical trials with a strong translational emphasis.

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