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Additional Training in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

The CPP Mannheim offers all training elements for acquiring training qualifications in „Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy“, in addition to one’s license in “Psychological Psychotherapy” based on behavioral therapy (paragraph 6 section 4, PsychThG).

This further expertise allows psychological psychotherapists in behavioral therapy to give treatments to children and adolescents which will be covered by their health insurance.

This training program is offered to training candidates of any training institute of behavioral therapy that is registered by the state and to licensed psychological psychotherapists.

The following training elements have to be completed successfully in order to acquire additional qualification in child and adolescent psychotherapy:

  • At least 200 hours of theory in developmental and learning psychology including specific studies of neuroses as well as psychological diagnostics of children and adolescents. 40 hours of theory can be recognized for courses taken in training for psychological psychotherapy at the CPP Mannheim. External seminars are assessed separately.
  • At least 5 cases in behavioral therapy for children and adolescents need to be conducted and concluded, covering at least 180 hours in total
  • Frequent individual and group supervision (i.e. with every third or fourth therapy session) is to be taken, covering at least 45 hours in total

Please contact Mrs. PD Dr. Anne Dyer if you are interested in this training program.


Central Institute of Mental Health
PD Dr. Anne Dyer, Dipl. Psych. (psychologist)

CPP Mannheim

Postfach 12 21 20

68072 Mannheim

Phone: +49 (0)621 1703-6190

E-Mail anne.dyer(at)zi-Mannheim.de

Selection interviews may decide admittance to training for external candidates.

Candidates may enter the training program at any time since its schedule is not class bound.

160 units of required theory seminars are conducted in the form of 10 weekend-workshops. 40 units may be covered with external activities, e.g. in the context of courses taken in training of psychological psychotherapy.

Contents and schedule of theory seminars given may be slightly adapted. It is not possible to deduce a contract termination respectively.

Training candidates commit themselves to complete all theory seminars within a maximum of three years. It is compulsory to participate in 10 of the seminars offered. Participation may be limited to a specific number of candidates and decided upon after firm confirmation for each seminar separately.

In general, seminars are open to guest auditors. For each extra training course taken, additional costs are 128€ for one-day / 256€ for two-day seminars (with 8 / 16 units).

Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents

The 5 cases of at least 180 hours of practical training can be conducted in the outpatient clinics of the CPP Mannheim, in cooperating institutions of the CPP Mannheim, in one’s practice or in the context of a clinical institution. The recognition of treatments for additional qualification requires their documentation according to CPP Mannheim’s regulations and a successful examination by the CPP Mannheim.

Training candidates of the CPP Mannheim can do their practical training in child and adolescence psychotherapy partly or completely in the context of their psychological psychotherapy training in one of the two outpatient clinics of the CPP Mannheim.  Two out of the five cases can be conducted in the context of the regular practical training of the psychological psychotherapy training, but only 90 hours for these cases will be recognized. Supervision in child and adolescence psychology is required, thus, the supervisor must have the corresponding qualification. Application, accounting and compensation are described in the regulation of the CPP Mannheim. In addition to the two cases mentioned, three more cases need to be conducted under frequent and subject-specific supervision; at least two out of these cases have to refer to childhood, i.e. children younger than 13 years old. The prerequisite for treatment of children and adolescents is proof of at least 100 theory units in child and adolescence psychotherapy.

All therapy sessions at CPP Mannheim are to be supervised by recognized supervisors with corresponding qualifications (license in behavioral therapy + additional qualifications in child and adolescent psychotherapy or license in child and adolescent psychology in behavioral therapy). At least 45 hours of supervision are to be taken for 180 hours of therapy, which are required according to PsychThG. Additional costs may arise.

The recognition of successfully completed training elements (theory, therapy, supervision) is assessed by the management of studies in child and adolescence psychotherapy at the CPP Mannheim, who hand out  general certifications.

The study fees for additional training in child and adolescence psychotherapy amount to 3,000 €, including costs for additional theory seminars as well as the examination process of completed training elements and the general certificate. Further costs may arise for individual and group supervision. Complete refunds are possible due to reimbursements for therapy sessions. For the examination of external treatment cases submitted for recognition, 50 € per case will be charged as a flat rate.

Fees and remuneration during supplementary qualification Euro     
Theory 3 000,-
Supervision (45 SE, from that 5 Individual supervision hours) 1 500,-
Total remuneration for 180 Treatment hours
(47,- € per therapy session)
8 460,-

For the examination of externally performed treatment cases as flat rate of 50,- € / case will be charged.

Additional Training in Child and Adolescent Pychotherapy

It is possible to apply at any time.

Send your application or questions to:
PD Dr. Anne Dyer, Dipl.-Psych. (psychologist)
Central Institute of Mental Health
CPP Mannheim
Postfach 12 21 20
68072 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 1703-6190
e-mail  anne.dyer(at)zi-Mannheim.de

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