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RG Developmental Clinical Neurophysiology in Childhood and Adolescence


Head of the Research Group

Prof. Dr. Daniel Brandeis

Phone: +49 621 1703-4922, -4934


Research and Administrative Building, 3rd Floor, Room 308 | Child and Adolescent EEG in CIPP

Co-manager of working group

Dr. sc. hum. Sarah Baumeister



We focus on how developing brain function and structure in children and adolescents are altered in ADHD (Attention Deficit-/ Hyperactivity Disorder) and comorbid disruptive disorders or in Autism Spectrum Disorders. We track the longitudinal course of markers for risk, resilience and remission or persistence across the lifespan, and develop personalized innovative neurofeedback and biofeedback approaches for targeted treatment. Advanced multimodal (EEG-fMRI) imaging is used for an improved mechanistic understanding of childhood risks and gene x environment interactions, and to identify brain-based treatment predictors and transdiagnostic or disorder-specific markers. 

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