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ADHD in Adulthood



apl. Prof. Dr. Esther Sobanski



Weitere Ansprechpartnerin: Dr. med. Barbara Alm


The Work Group, whose research priorities are clinically oriented, has conducted a BMBF-funded four-armed multicenter research project to compare an adult ADHD-specific psychotherapy program to pharmacotherapy with methylphenidate, combination therapy with psycho- and pharmacotherapy and placebo. In cooperation with the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the CIMH, the group conducted a BMBF-funded multicenter project to evaluate the effects of disorder-specific treatment of mothers with ADHD on mother-child interaction and treatment outcome of children with ADHD. Both projects were conducted between 2007 and 2012. The Work Group further conducted a Controlled Clinical Trial to investigate the effects of treatment with atomoxetine on fitness to drive in adults with ADHD and to characterize ADHD-related impairments in driving fitness. The study was based on an on-road driving test, neuropsychological assessments and patients’ subjective evaluations like driving diaries and was funded as Investigator Initiated Trial by Eli Lilly. It was conducted between 2008 and 2011 in co-operation with the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Traffic Medicine of Heidelberg University. The group has fostered a number of dissertations and doctoral theses in medicine, respectively psychology. Several studies without funding were conducted on characterization of neuropsychological processes, comorbid psychiatric disorders and ADHD-related symptom clusters like sleep problems or emotional dysregulation, psychosocial functioning and health economics in adult ADHD. The group was involved in different approval studies of ADHD-specific medication. The group has translated and adapted an American therapy manual on the cognitive therapy of ADHD in adulthood, which is now available for clinical use in Germany, has translated a Dutch Structured Interview for Assessment of Adult ADHD into German, is involved in the creation of the S3-Guidelines for ADHD and is represented in the European Network of Adult ADHD, which aims to increase understanding of adult ADHD throughout different European countries. The group has started the evaluation of occupational rehabilitation services, of treatment adherence and persistence and of longitudinal course of adult ADHD in 2012. In co-operation with departments of basic research at the CIMH the group is investigating neurobiological effects of different pharmacological treatments on brain activation and gene expression since 2008. In co-operation with the Clinic of Psychosomatics the group investigates neuropsychological and neuropsychological markers of impulsivity since 2012 with a project funded by DFG. In co-operation with Clinic for Addiction Medicine the group investigates treatment of complex ADHD with alcohol use disorder. The group has established international co-operations with the ADHD Molecular Genetics Network, Broad Institute in the US and DeCode, Iceland for genetic research in ADHD since 2012.

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