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Foundation for the Central Institite of Mental Health

The Foundation had set out to establish the CIMH as a model institution for social psychiatric research and treatment and to ensure it is available in Mannheim.

Today the CIMH is one of the most renowned research facilities nationally and internationally for psychiatric disorders and clinical neurosciences. The aim of the sponsoring association is to strengthen the position of the CIMH and to continually develop the institute to meet the needs of the patients.

The association supports numerous Projects at CIMH and they are taking the initiative to continuously improve the offerings. With this commitment it is dependent on the one hand on the help of association members and on the other hand on donations.

Find out about the history of the association (in German).

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Sponsoring association of the Central Institute of Mental Health

Contact person: Elisabeth Edinger
Phone: 0621 1703-1046, e-mail

Support CIMH projects with donations

Förderverein des Zentralinstituts für Seelische Gesundheit e. V.

IBAN: DE03 6708 0050 0675 3000 00


Reference: Unterstützung ZI-Projekte (Support of CIMH projects)

Prof. Dr. Peter Frankenberg
1. Association Chairman

Georg von Hohnhorst
2. Association Chairman

Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit (ZI) - https://www.zi-mannheim.de