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Annette Löffler

Phone: +49 621 1703-6304


Research and Administrative Building, 2nd Floor, Room 205

Publications in peer reviewed journals since 2006

TOP 5 publications:

  1. Kleindienst N, Löffler A, Herzig M, Bertsch K, Bekrater-Bodmann R. Evaluation of the own body in women with current and remitted borderline personality disorder: evidence for long-lasting effects of childhood sexual abuse. Eur J Psychotraumatol. 2020 11(1):1764707.
  2. Löffler A, Foell J, Bekrater-Bodmann R. Interoception and Its Interaction with Self, Other, and Emotion Processing: Implications for the Understanding of Psychosocial Deficits in Borderline Personality Disorder. Curr Psychiatry Rep. 2018 20(4):1-9.
  3. Kammler-Sücker K, Löffler A, Kleinböhl D, Flor H. Exploring Virtual Doppelgangers As Movement Models To Enhance Voluntary Imitation. IEEE Trans Neural Syst Rehabil Eng. 2021 29:2173-2182. Epub 2021 Oct 15.
  4. Schmitz M, Bertsch K, Löffler A, Steinmann S, Herpertz SC, Bekrater-Bodmann R. Body connection mediates the relationship between traumatic childhood experiences and impaired emotion regulation in borderline personality disorder. BPDED. 2021 8(1):17.
  5. Diers M, Löffler A, Zieglgänsberger W, Trojan J. Watching your pain site reduces pain intensity in chronic back pain patients. Eur J Pain. 2016 20(4):581-5. Epub 2015 Aug 18.

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