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Lea Julia Mertens

Phone: +49 621 1703-1903

Fax: +49 621 1703-80-1903


Main Medical Building, Groundfloor, Room 060

Publications in peer reviewed journals since 2006

TOP 5 publications:

  1. Meinhardt M, Güngör C, Skorodumov I, Mertens L, Spanagel R. Psilocybin and LSD have no long-lasting effects in an animal model of alcohol relapse. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2020 45(8):1316-1322. Epub 2020 May 5.
  2. Mertens L, Preller KH. Classical Psychedelics as Therapeutics in Psychiatry - Current Clinical Evidence and Potential Therapeutic Mechanisms in Substance Use and Mood Disorders. Pharmacopsychiatry. 2021 Jan 20. [Epub ahead of print].
  3. Zeifman RJ, Wagner AC, Watts R, Kettner H, Mertens L, Carhart-Harris RL. Post-Psychedelic Reductions in Experiential Avoidance Are Associated With Decreases in Depression Severity and Suicidal Ideation. Front Psychiatry. 2020 11:782.
  4. Wolff M, Evens R, Mertens L, Koslowski M, Betzler F, Gründer G, Jungaberle H. Learning to Let Go: A Cognitive-Behavioral Model of How Psychedelic Therapy Promotes Acceptance. Front Psychiatry. 2020 11:5.
  5. Mertens L, Wall MB, Roseman L, Demetriou L, Nutt DJ, Carhart-Harris RL. Therapeutic mechanisms of psilocybin: Changes in amygdala and prefrontal functional connectivity during emotional processing after psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression. J Psychopharmacol. 2020 34(2):167-180.

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