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Animal Laboratory


M.Sc. in Biologie, Head Core Facility Tierlabor

Dr. rer. nat. Anne Stephanie Mallien

Phone: +49 621 1703-2932, 0621 1703-2934

Fax: +49 621 1703-2935


Laboratory Building, first floor, room 1.01


The animal laboratory is a central facility for animal research at the ZI. Here, laboratory animals are bred and used for basic research.

Animal research is an essential basis of identifying neurobiological mechanisms to better understand mental health problems and develop new drug therapies. In fact, in recent years, many new psychotropic drugs that are used clinically today for various mental disorders were developed with the help of animal experiments.

According to the present expertise, it is not possible to completely replace animal testing in the field of biological psychiatry with alternative methods, such as in vitro and in silico approaches. 

The primary purpose of research at the ZI, checked and approved by the regional authorities in Karlsruhe, is the prevention, detection and treatment of mental health problems, but is also to perform basic research. Animal testing carried out here are primarily learning/behavioral investigations.

For this purpose genetic and hygienic selected rodent lines/models (rats and mice) are bred and housed in our centralized animal laboratory, in which national and international policies, laws and accounting practices are strictly respected and implemented. The central animal laboratory is subject to permanent control by approval (Regional Council of Karlsruhe) and supervisory (City of Mannheim) authorities.

Head of the Animal Laboratory

Dr. Anne Stephanie Mallien
Head Core Facility Tierlabor

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