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Andrea C. Rossetti


Andrea is a postdoctoral fellow in the Ladewig lab. After his MSc in Biotechnology of the Drug, he obtained his PhD in Pharmacological Experimental and Clinical Sciences at the University of Milan, investigating the influence of neuroinflammation in the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders.


He joined the lab to investigate the dynamics of brain development through human induced pluripotent stem cell models including cerebral forebrain organoids. The topics of his research involve the impact of neuroinflammation in the processes of cortical development and the modeling of Rett syndrome using cerebral forebrain organoid cultures. Andrea enjoys a lot to cook and share food with friends, drinking some good wine (or beer!) and exploring new musical experiences.

Publications in peer reviewed journals since 2006

TOP 5 publications:

  1. Rossetti AC, Koch P, Ladewig J. Drug discovery in psychopharmacology: from 2D models to cerebral organoids
. Dialogues Clin Neurosci. 2019 21(2):203-224.
  2. Calabrese F, Rossetti AC, Racagni G, Gass P, Riva MA, Molteni R. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor: a bridge between inflammation and neuroplasticity. Front Cell Neurosci. 2014 8:430.
  3. Rossetti AC, Paladini MS, Colombo M, Gruca P, Lason-Tyburkiewicz M, Tota-Glowczyk K, Papp M, Riva MA, Molteni R. Chronic Stress Exposure Reduces Parvalbumin Expression in the Rat Hippocampus through an Imbalance of Redox Mechanisms: Restorative Effect of the Antipsychotic Lurasidone. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2018 21(9):883-893.
  4. Rossetti AC, Paladini MS, Trepci A, Mallien A, Riva MA, Gass P, Molteni R. Differential Neuroinflammatory Response in Male and Female Mice: A Role for BDNF. Front Mol Neurosci. 2019 12:166.
  5. Rossetti AC, Paladini MS, Racagni G, Riva MA, Cattaneo A, Molteni R. Genome-wide analysis of LPS-induced inflammatory response in the rat ventral hippocampus: Modulatory activity of the antidepressant agomelatine. World J Biol Psychiatry. 2018 19(5):390-401.

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