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Markus Reichert

Tel.: 0621 1703-6537


Forschungs- und Verwaltungsgebäude, 4. OG, Raum 429

Publikationen in peer-reviewed Zeitschriften seit 2006

TOP 5 Publikationen:

  1. Reichert M, Törnros T, Hoell A, Dorn H, Tost H, Salize HJ, Meyer-Lindenberg A, Zipf A, Ebner-Priemer UW. Using ambulatory assessment for experience sampling and the mapping of environmental risk factors in everyday life Die Psychiatrie. 2016 13:94-102.
  2. Tost H, Reichert M, Braun U, Reinhard I, Peters R, Lautenbach S, Hoell A, Schwarz E, Ebner-Priemer U, Zipf A, Meyer-Lindenberg A. Neural correlates of individual differences in affective benefit of real-life urban green space exposure. Nat Neurosci. 2019 22(9):1389-1393. Epub 2019 Jul 29.
  3. Reichert M, Tost H, Reinhard I, Schlotz W, Zipf A, Salize H, Meyer-Lindenberg A, Ebner-Priemer UW. Exercise versus Nonexercise Activity: E-diaries Unravel Distinct Effects on Mood. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2017 49(4):763-773. Epub 2016 Nov 7.
  4. Reichert M, Lutz A, Deuschle M, Gilles M, Hill H, Limberger MF, Ebner-Priemer UW. Improving motor activity assessment in depression: which sensor placement, analytic strategy and diurnal time frame are most powerful in distinguishing patients from controls and monitoring treatment effects. PLoS ONE. 2015 10(4):e0124231.
  5. Koch ED, Tost H, Braun U, Gan G, Giurgiu M, Reinhard I, Zipf A, Meyer-Lindenberg A, Ebner-Priemer UW, Reichert M. Mood Dimensions Show Distinct Within-Subject Associations With Non-exercise Activity in Adolescents: An Ambulatory Assessment Study. Front Psychol. 2018 9:268.

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