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Raquel Perez Fernandez


Raquel completed her bachelor’s degree in biology at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Afterwards, she moved to The Netherlands where she conducted a master in cognitive and clinical neuroscience at Maastricht University and specialized in the field of fundamental neuroscience. Her interest in neurodevelopment and psychiatric disorders, combined her wish to get acquainted with state-of-the-art cell culture technologies like cerebral organoids, brought her to the Ladewig lab in Mannheim. Here she did her master´s thesis, and after obtaining her MSc she remained in the lab to pursue a PhD.

Currently she is enrolled in the IZN PhD programme at Heidelberg University and continues to expand her research on the development of an in vitro reward neurocircuitry using brain organoids. After several years of living in Mannheim she has grown to enjoy the city and the opportunities it has to offer. What she enjoys the most on her free time is bouldering and going out to grab a bite with her colleagues and friends.

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